Monday, 7 November 2011

Safety First: The Preparation for the Flood in Mahachai

Sea rising in the inner area of Mahachai (30.10.2011, 09:42)

The flooding situation in the critical areas like Ayutthaya, Nakornsawan, Pathumthani provinces is slowly getting better. Samut Sakhon is the final channel which all water mass from northern provinces will pass by before running to the sea. However, many people here seem not to be aware of the flood. When you walk to the inner city of Mahachai, asking people about how they prepare about the flood, they would probably laughed at your question.

Mahachai is closed to the sea; flooding is, in fact, quite a usual phenomenon here. When the sea tide rises,  the low area like Mahachai market is slightly flooded in the morning, and then the water will go back to the sea in the afternoon. Therefore, many people in Mahachai perceive that the flood caused by the water mass coming from the north to Mahachai would be more or less like the sea rising period, and subsequently, they do not prepare much for the flood.

 Thai Union Community

 Po Jae Market

Po Jae Market

 Po Jae Market
Golden Community

LPN is aware of severity of the flood in Mahachai, and at the same time, we are aware of some unfortunate groups of people who may rarely have an access to the Thai news. We, therefore, work together with Raks Thai Foundation in public announcement and dissemination, hoping that residents both Thai and migrant workers in Mahachai know and understand about the flooding situation, and be well-prepared for the flood and evacuation. Since last few days, our mobile car have been going to communities; for instance, Bang Pla, Po Jae, Moo Si, Golden etc. to inform local people about the flood and what to do during the flooding. We announce, hand over the leaflet giving the instructions in three languages: Thai, Burmese, and Mon, and talk to people about the preparation. At the same time, we try to build up the key network in each area so that these people could help inform us about the situation in each community.

Soon enough, water will reach the inner city of Mahachai. Until then, we hope that more people will be ready for the flood, and less people will be affected by this flood.

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