Monday, 19 December 2011

November update: Flood Relief

It’s been over a month that we haven’t updated our blog. It doesn’t mean that we didn’t have any interesting works to do though. Instead, we were rather obsessed by the activities we were doing.

In response to the flood, LPN relief operation can be categorised into four main areas of activities.

Emergency Relief and Rescue

 Survey at Buddhamonthon Sai 5



The very first priority during November was to do emergency relief operations for flood victims in particularly remote areas where other relief operations might have difficulty to have an access; for example, Lamlukka district and Bangkuwat district of Prathumthani Province, Bangkhuntien district of Bangkok, and as well as Buddhamonthon Sai 5 of Nakorn Prathom Province. After conducting the survey on the numbers of victims in each area and examine their needs, it showed that most of the victims lack an access to clean water. Therefore, we brought them clean water which is produced by our water purification plant. 

 Food donation

While in Ratchaburi province, our local-based team acted as a hotline coordinator to provide assistance to migrants who wished to evacuate from affected flooding areas. Further to that, the team helped outsource food supply for migrants living at the evacuation centre provided by the Ministry of Labour. 


Child Protection Training

 Training the first watchdog group 13.11.2011

 Traing the second watchdog group 20.11.2011

Mr. Sompong Srakaew, director, invited the two groups of volunteers to train on how to work as watchdogs in response to possible flood in Samut Sakhon. There were many migrants who volunteered themselves to safeguard their communities. On the first training, we were honoured by the staff from Save the Children UK who came to train our first group volunteers and LPN staff on the issue of Child Protection in Evacuation Centres.


 At Wat Klong Maduer in Samut Sakhon, we received and assisted factory workers to claim their wage from employers as it happened that many workers had to leave flooded factories before the next cycle of their wage payment turned.

Fundraising programme

We went on fundraising programme selling second-hand clothes at a flea market in Ratchaburi Province, aiming to raise money to buy anti-fungal cream against Hong Kong foot for flood victims.  This activity wasn’t so successful. Nonetheless, we could meet a lot of people who had to move shortly from flood areas to stay in Ratchaburi, and had a chance to listen to their shared experiences.

Yet, December’s activities are still actively going on like always. Soon enough we are going to update our activities again. See you next time, readers. Good luck!

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