Monday, 24 October 2011

Flood relief operation at Sam Khok, Prathumthani province

 The LPN team, and the crews from Department of Fisheries

At Sam Khok

Journey to affected people in Samkok

Following the fundraising activity conducted by the young campers, we could raise some fund to buy basic needs such as food, drink, medicine etc to distribute to flood victims living in the areas of Pathumthani, and Nontaburi province. After a week of emergency relief work, we found that the main obstacle for our effort is to work out with logistics. Sam Khok area in Pathumthani province can be a good example. Our goal was to distribute emergency relief bags at that remote and disastrously affected area. Even big trucks cannot bring us there! However, distance, water current and heat could not discourage our team which is comprised of LPN staff, and young volunteers to go to Sam Khok. All team members had carried cumblesome relief bags on their shoulders and walked over 10 kilometres until they met a motor boat from Department of Fisheries. With the help from this boat, they could finally distribute relief bags to affected people.

This can be just one example which we could successfully work to achieve our goal. Although the total number of affected people in Thailand are unknown, but assumably, it must be very high. We know that it is a big dream to help all flood victims, but we will do our best to respond to their basic needs!

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