Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Youth Gathering "T-Shirt, Goodwill, No Border"

Meeting before the open-box rally started 
13 October 2011

Currently, a group of young people gathering to run an activity created and administered by themselves at the LPN. Initially, their programme has been launched since last Saturday, 9th October when they had the first meeting discussing the ideas of what to do in Mahachai area, where there are a lot of Burmese migrants living and working. Apart from this original idea, these young activists have concern about the current flooding problem in Thailand, which caused many people death and homeless. Therefore, they decided to deliver their concern to Thai and migrant communities in Mahachai, and opened the box and rallied over communities for donations. It was quite a big success after all as the financial donation from Thais and Burmese migrants in Mahachai has reached roughly 19,000 Baht in 1 day (12 October 2011).

The theme of the activity: Aud + Dee (Literally, it means Show off+ Good. By their definition; however, it means they would like to show their goodness to the society even though they are still young)
The concepts of activity: T-Shirt, Goodwill, No Border

On this upcoming weekend, 15-16 October 2011, these worker group will organise a gathering event with children at Luang Pat Koson Uppatham School. Besides camping event, they will open a booth sellingT-Shirts. The profit raised from sold products will be donated to help flood victims all over Thailand.

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